Caring for Your Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are an excellent addition to your look and one of the most popular ways people transform their hair to thick, long, goddess like locks.

Whether you wear them every day or once in a while, it is important to give your extensions and natural hair a little extra TLC.

Proper hair care will ensure your hair remains healthy while also extending the life of your extensions.

In this post, I will go over the essentials of looking after your clip-in extensions.

Good quality hair extensions are not cheap, so it is worth knowing how to properly care for your extensions in order to get the most out of them.

A little bit of extra care and minor changes can make a big difference and prevent damage to your extensions and natural hair.


Just like real hair, your extensions may tangle. Taking the time to brush is essential to the longevity of your extensions. Brushing both your natural hair and extensions before and after use will prevent knots and tangles.

Tip: We recommend using a soft bristle brush and a wide tooth comb.

First, gently run your fingers through your extensions to detangle the larger knots.

Remember, be very gentle so you don’t rip out the hair from the weft!

Next, take your soft bristle brush and start brushing from bottom to top. You can then repeat the same process with a wide tooth comb.

Now your extensions are ready to wear, wash or store.

P.s don’t leave them curled up in a ball!


Because your extensions are not attached to your scalp, they won’t be as oily as your natural hair. This means you will not need to wash them regularly or use as much shampoo. Just like our hair, extensions will pick up dirt from the environment, so it is still important to keep them relatively clean.

Human hair is most fragile when wet, so I highly recommend you follow the brushing method above to remove any tangles before washing.

Here are some simple steps to correctly wash your extensions.

Firstly, fill up a sink with lukewarm water and split your extension into manageable sections.

The shampoo stage is Very important so listen up!

You MUST NOT use shampoo that contains any alcohols, sulphates, proteins or harsh chemicals. Sulphates are very harsh on the hair and will strip the moisture out of them. Products that contain alcohol will not only tangle your extensions but also cause them to matt and shed.

Try to find a shampoo and conditioner that’s been specifically formulated for hair extensions.

Tip: Always check the labels before using a product!

To wash, hold your extensions at the weft and gently work the shampoo in. Run your fingers through the strands in a downward motion to clean thoroughly and avoid knots. Make sure you completely rinse out the shampoo to prevent any residue from building up. Apply conditioner to your extensions and finish with a cold-water rinse.

Gently ring out the excess water, set aside the extensions on a towel and proceed to wash the next section.

To dry your hair, lay each weft out on a towel to air dry

Tip: For your extension to remain soft, shiny and manageable, we recommend using a deep nourishing mask as a conditioner to replenish the moisture and keep them healthy for much longer!

It is important that you do not wash your extensions too often unless you are using a lot of styling products.

Because your extensions don’t produce the same oils as your natural hair, frequent washing can reduce the natural oils of the extensions, which may cause dryness.  

Tip: You can easily get away with washing your extensions with conditioner alone and shampooing every second or third wash.

Depending on how often you wear your clip-ins, they should only need to be washed every 10 - 20 uses. When you notice a change in their appearance, feel or you notice an odour such as smoke, it is probably time to give them a wash.


When drying your hair, it is best to leave your extensions to dry naturally and avoid the much loved, time saving device we call a hair dryer (easier said than done).

Remember just like all human hair, the less heat the better.

To keep your hair in tip top condition, we recommend washing your extensions on those lazy days when you have got some time on your hands.

If your plans fail and you simply MUST dry your extensions in a hurry, make sure to use heat protective spray. Heat protectant won’t completely defend your extensions from dryness but it will help keep them looking silky and smooth.

Heat protecting products act as a sunscreen for your hair which will help protect against any potential heat damage.

Whether your styling your extensions or natural hair it is important that you don’t fry your locks! Overusing heating tools can damage and dry out both your real hair and extensions, so it is important to take extra care.

 Make sure your hair is completely dry before applying any tools and don’t hold any straitening or curling irons on the hair for too long. If your tool has a heat setting option, always start with the lowest heat.

Finishing off your styled hair with a lot of hairspray or mouse can create build up in the hair, so try to avoid it if you can.


Avoid sleeping in your hair extension – even after a messy night on the town! This will create tangles and weaken the weft and clips.


After removing your extension, close up all the clips and give them a loving brush.

ALWAYS make sure your hair extensions are completely dry before storing. Store your extensions in a breathable hair extension case when not in use.

Tip: You may want to store them out of view as they won’t last long once your girlfriends find out your little secret!


100% Remy human hair can be dyed a darker shade by a professional and experienced hair colourist. Dying hair extension is different to dying your natural hair, therefore extra care is required.

It is not however recommended to colour your hair extensions as it will affect their quality and lifespan. Your extensions have already been through chemical processing so further dyeing your extension may cause damage.

If you do decide to dye your extensions then it is highly suggested that you test a small piece of hair first to ensure you are happy with the results.

Do not dye your extensions lighter as this will require bleach (harsh chemical) and will damage your extensions.

Tip: Find the perfect colour match so dying is not necessary

If you follow these instructions and tips, your beloved extensions will stay looking and feeling fresh for much longer!

P.S Don’t swim in chlorine or salt water xxx

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