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How hard is it to attach clip in hair extensions to my hair?

A. Clip in Hair Extensions are extremely easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair giving you longer hair, added volume and colour. Our clip in hair extensions can be attached to your hair in minutes. We have a step by step video guide to help you fit them yourself.

How long does my own hair need to be to use clip in hair extensions?

A. As a general rule as long as your hair length is over 10cm then it will be fine

How do the clip on hair extensions attach to my hair?

A. Our hair clip in hair extensions attach under your own hair by small snap on clips. The clips we use are all extremely high quality so they are secure and will not slip. Once fitted to your hair will not be able to see the clips

How long do clip in hair extensions take to attach to my hair?

A. It normally takes between 5 and 10 minutes to fit a set of full head clip in hair extensions. We have a step by step video guide to take you through the process.

How do I know which colour is right for me?

A. We have a huge range of over 25 different colours. You can find all the colours we have available on our hair colour chart. If you would like to match your natural hair colour but are uncertain about which colour is right for you we have a colour matching service. Simply cut a small amount of your hair and send it with your contact details to

Pure Hair Extensions
4/89 McMaster Street
Victoria Park WA 6100

Once we receive your sample we will contact you and give you a recommendation as to which colour is best for you.

What type of hair do you use in your hair extensions?

A. We only use the highest quality Remy human hair in all of our hair extensions. Many cheaper hair extensions available use synthetic hair or a mix of real hair and synthetic hair. Our hair extensions are all 100% high grade Remy human hair. They can be blow dried, straightened, curled and coloured just like your natural hair.

 How long will the hair extensions last?

A. The extensions are human hair, so if you look after your hair extensions properly they can last over twelve months. The more you look after them the longer they will last.

Can your hair extensions be coloured, curled, straightened, shampooed or blow dried like my natural hair?

A. Yes, as these hair extensions are made from 100% natural human hair, you can treat them as you would your natural hair. Never use a hair dryer or straightening iron that’s too hot though as it can dry out your hair extensions just as it would your natural hair. If you want to colour your hair extensions, as a general rule, it’s easier to colour your darker as opposed to lighter.

Can I send my hair extensions back for an exchange or refund?

If you select the wrong colour  then we will issue you with a refund or exchange as long as you send the hair extensions back in their unopened packaging. If the hair extensions are sent back in poor condition, or if the package has been opened, then we will post them back to you at your expense.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship to all countries around the world. Shipping is $15 and will usually take between 4 and 7 days to reach most countries, in some instances it may take longer however we can send you a tracking number to check your parcels progress.

What if my extensions go missing in transit?

In the rare event that your order goes missing we will resend your order at our expense.