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Clip in hair extensions

Q. What are Clip in Hair Extensions?

A. Clip in hair extensions are easily attached to your hair. You don’t need any special skills to do this. As long as you have a mirror, you can clip in the hair extensions on your own. If you want to easily make your hair look longer or fuller, without needing to visit salon, then clip in hair extensions are perfect for you.

Q. What’s the difference between your Full Head, Deluxe and Double Drawn Clip in Hair Extensions?

A. The Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions have 8 pieces in a set.

The Deluxe Clip in Hair Extensions have 8 pieces plus a one piece volumiser, for the back of the head to add extra volume.

The Double Drawn Clip in Hair Extensions have 2 layers of hair sewed onto each piece and they are thick from top to bottom. These are the thickest clip in hair extensions available and there are 8 pieces in a full head set.

Q. How do I attach them to my hair?

A. Attaching clip in hair extensions is simple. They are placed under your hair, pressure is applied to the clips, and the silicone part holds the extension in place, preventing it from falling off your hair. The clips are invisible, so they can’t be seen.

Q. How long will they take to attach to my hair?

A. Attaching a full head of clip ins usually takes a maximum of five minutes. Detaching is easy and fast. It may take 1 minute, at most.

Q. How long should my hair be to use clip in extensions?

A. If your hair falls on your shoulders or is longer, you are good to go. Still, you can attach clips to even shorter hair, but shoulder length or longer is ideal.

Q. How long are the extensions you sell?

A. The length ranges from 16-30 inches.

Q. How long will they last?

A. With proper care, clip in hair extensions can last for a year. However, depending on use, they could last 3 to 6 months if not taken care of properly.

Q. What are the advantages of the clip in hair extensions?

A. Long-term extensions can be uncomfortable sometimes. This is not the case with clip in hair extensions. Clip in extensions are easy to attach and detach. It’s a matter of few minutes. They are more comfortable, as you do not have to wear them all the time. We have a large variety of colours to match your hair.


Quality of our hair extensions

Q. What kind of hair is used in making the extensions?

A. At Pure Hair Extensions, we supply the highest quality human hair extensions available. The hair is sourced from India, where Hindu girls shave their heads as an act of religious piety. The hair is collected from the temples and sent to hair extension manufacturers where its dyed and colour treated before being made into hair extensions. 

Visit this article for more information on where the hair comes from:

Many hair extensions suppliers claim that the hair is European or Russian however this is almost always false.

Q. What grade is your hair?

A. We source the highest human hair that is hand made into the best hair extensions available. All of our hair is Grade AAAAA including our clip in hair extensions, ponytails, weft hair and tape extensions.

Q. How do tape extensions work?

A. Tape hair extensions have a good quality adhesive part that holds onto your hair well. They are placed under your natural hair so they aren’t visible. You can adjust or reinforce the tape after approximately two months. If you do a lot of physical activity, you may need to replace the tape sooner.

Q. How are tape extensions removed?

A. When you buy tape hair extensions, you can also purchase a special removal substance. It will ensure you have an easy time removing the tape. The substance has natural components that make it safe for your scalp and hair. Take care when removing your tape hair extensions. You can find instructions online for removing and reapplying tape hair extensions.

Q. What are Itips and Utips?

A. U-tip hair extensions are hair extensions are pre-tipped with keratin and are applied to the hair by using a hot hair extension iron.  This type of hair extension is also called “Fusion.”

The heat from a hair extension iron will not damage the hair, it’s less hot than a standard curling or flat iron and the hair extension iron only touches the hair for a few seconds.

I-Tipped hair extensions are also known as: shoelace tip and cold fusion hair extensions. These extensions are applied by using a pulling tool, a hook or loop, which pulls the hair through a small micro ring. The I-tip extension is then inserted into the ring which is compressed with special pliers – This ring holds the extensions in place.

Q. What are Remi hair extensions?

A. Remi hair means that the hair is 100% human hair that has been colour treated. All of our hair extensions are genuine Remi hair, except for the virgin weft extensions which are untreated.

Q. Do the extensions shed hair?

A. All of our extensions are made from AAAAA grade human hair. Whatever happens to your natural hair happens to your extensions. They shed hair when you open the pack but in minimal amounts. As you keep combing them daily, you lose a few strands just like your own hair.


Care and Usage

Q. Is it possible to straighten, curl or tongue extensions?

A. The extensions are made from human hair, so you can adjust them in whatever way you like. When you get bored with straight hair, change them to be curled or tongued. Synthetic hair extensions do not respond to any of the three styling methods. This is one of the ways to differentiate human and synthetic hair.

Q. How often can I shampoo my hair?

A. You can wash your hair extensions just like your natural. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner.

Q. Can I use a hair dryer or tongs?

A. After washing with shampoo and conditioner, use your hair dryer or tongs to dry the extensions. Ensure the heat is not too high to avoid damaging them.

Q. Can I colour the hair?

A. The hair extensions are made from human hair so anything you do to your natural hair can be done to it. The rule of the thumb is that making the hair darker is possible but not lighter.

Q. What extensions are suitable for thick hair?

A. If your hair is quite thick then you should consider the Double Drawn Clip in Hair Extensions. Every piece in the set has 2 layers of hair on each weft. The double layer of hair adds volume to the set making sure it fits in with thick hair, or adds volume and length to thin hair.


Shipping and Returns

Q. How soon will I receive my order?

A. Free shipping is available on all orders. We also have next day options available to Australia and New Zealand.

All international orders will be shipped by air mail or DHL Express.

You can return the order to us for a full refund within 30 days. The product must be unused, in its original packaging, and in good condition.

Q. Can I follow up on my order?

A. Yes, you can always follow up or track how far away your order is. A tracking number is sent to your email as soon as your order is shipped so you can follow its progress.

Q. How do I go about getting a faulty item replaced?

A. Please inspect the product when you remove it from its packaging. If you notice a fault please return the order to us and we will give you a full refund. We can’t issue refunds once the product has been used.

Q. I have received the wrong product, or ordered the wrong item

A. Send the extensions back to us in the return bag and we will send you a full refund.



Q. Do you accept AfterPay
A. With AfterPay you can pay for your order in 4 easy installments. So you can get the item now and pay for it later.

Q. How do I select the right hair colour?

A. We have a color chart to help you chose the best hair colour that suits your hair. There is a wide range of colour available in all styles, particularly the clip in hair extensions. Send us a picture by email to for a colour suggestion.

Q. What do if the colour doesn’t match my hair?

A. No problem, just send the extensions back to us in the return bag and we will replace it for another colour. We can help you select the right colour with a free colour match.

Q. Do you refund clients if they change their minds?

A. We adhere to a 100 % money back guarantee for all items as long as you have not tampered with them. Used hair products do not qualify for a refund or replacement.

If the colour does not match your hair, or you simply dislike it, return it for a replacement. Remember, do not take it out of the package or use it at all. That’s why transparent packaging is used for the product so you do not have to open the seals.

Q. Do I pay for returns?

A. You are responsible for any item you return for a refund or exchange.

Q. How long do you take to send me an exchange?

A. We will send you a refund or exchange as soon as we receive the return.

Q. Do I pay for the second delivery?

A. Any item deliver to you is paid for by us. Use the tracking number we send to your email to check the its progress. We offer next day delivery for all orders Trade

Q. Do you have a store?

A. We have pick up available for wholesale orders only. For smaller orders we offer next day delivery to anywhere in Australia

Q. Do you supply salons?

A. Yes, we offer trade accounts for salons and hair professionals.

Q. How do I pay for my order?

A. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, bank deposit or cash. Trade clients can pay on their account.