Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Pure Hair Extensions is an Australian owned and operated company selling hair extensions, and selected hair accessories. Specialising in Clip Ins, Tapes, Micro-loops, Weaves and Nail tip extensions.

With the ever-changing fashion of hair, extensions are the perfect way to instantly go from Natalie Portman pixie cut, to Candice Swanepoel Victoria secret hair. Unfortunately, not everyone is genetically blessed with naturally long and luscious mermaid hair, many get help from extensions.

Our website offers the widest range of extensions on the market- from temporary clip in, to semi-permanent pre -bonded.

The methods:

clip in hair extensions

Clip in Hair Extensions

Our Clip in Extensions come in a variety of lengths and thickness to suit each person needs. Whether you are after a bit of extra volume or a whole lot of length, our Clip in Sets have you covered!

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Tape Hair Extensions

Tapes have become largely popular over the past decade and the most requested hair extension method worldwide! They are thin, approximately 1-inch wide, pre-taped weft extensions that get applied to small sections of your own hair like a sandwich.

Click to shop our tape extensions: Tape Hair Extensions


Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Also known as micro ring extensions, micro loops are an easy way to add length and volume to your hair. Using silicone lined rings to attach small pieces of extensions to your natural hair. The process is slightly more time consuming then tapes as the extensions are added in small 1 gram pieces.

Click to shop our Micro loop extensions: Micro Loop Hair Extensions


weave hair extensions

Weave Hair Extensions

Weave/ Weft extensions area great option for those who are wanting to add a great amount of length to their natural hair. Weaves can be applied multiple ways, the most popular being braided or beaded.

Click to shop our weave/weft extensions: Weave Hair Extensions



pre bonded hair extensions

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions, otherwise known as, Nail-tip or U-tip hair extensions are applied by heating up the keratin tip that found at the top of the extension. Similar to micro loops, applying nail tip extensions is slightly more time consuming, but can create a beautiful and natural finish.

Click to shop our nail-tip extensions: Nail Tip Hair Extensions


The rundown:

Finding the perfect set of extensions will depend on your budget, preference and hair type. While tapes, weaves and nail tips are a great semi-permanent option, those with naturally fragile or brittle hair, should steer clear as these all need a strong base to be supported. The weight of extensions can put additional stress on the roots, so it is important to match your hairs strength with the corresponding extensions. Clip in extensions are perfect for any hair type and are known to be the most economical because they last the longest.


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