One Piece Volumizer Clip In Hair Extensions

Pure Hair's one piece clip in volumiser is made from beautiful and soft high grade remy human hair. Our volumizer hair extensions have silky and thick ends and are perfect for adding extra length and volume to your existing hair extensions. You can easily apply our one piece hair extensions to your own hair in seconds.  The one piece clip in volumiser is available in 16 inch (55 grams), 20 inch (60 grams), 24 inch (60 grams) and 20 inch double drawn (160 grams).

Our Double Drawn 20 inch one piece clip in hair extensions are thick from top to bottom. If you want to wear a single piece without any other extensions, we recommend the double drawn 20 inch volumizer (160 grams).


1. When your hair extensions are thinner than your hair
Sometimes you find yourself with a set that’s too thin to suit your hair, in which case, you can use a Volumiser weft to add some natural thickness.

2. When you need some extra length or volume but don't want to use many pieces
Our regular clip in sets are great for adding length and volume. Sometimes however, you may find it easier to add a single a piece as opposed to several pieces. If this is the case, we recommend the double drawn 20 inch set (160 grams).

The 16 inch (55 grams), 20 inch (60 grams) and 24 inch (60 grams) sets are meant to be worn with a set of clip in hair extensions to give them extra volume. The 20 inch double drawn set (160 grams) is meant to be worn by itself, without any other hair extensions.

To get that perfectly natural look, you can trim the Volumiser Weft to any desired length (it’s better if you let an experienced hairstylist cut it for you). Remember, it is made with 100 percent Remy human hair, just like all Pure Hair extensions.

It is not advisable to cut or trim the weft width-wise or to divide it into multiple pieces. Doing so will likely cause fraying around the sides and cause the hair to fall out. Cutting the length to match your hair is okay, but don’t split the weft or trim the width.